Introduction to and Edition of al-Abhari’s Tahrir al-Dala’il fi Taqrir al-Masa’il

Document Type : Research Paper



Athir al-Din al-Abhari has a treatise bibliographies have called “Thamani ‘Ashra Mas’ala fi al-Kalam” (i.e., 18 Problems in Theology) or “al-Mas’il” (i.e. The Problems), but our findings show that its real name is “Tahrir al-Dalail fi Taqrir al-Masa’il” (i.e. The Introduction of Arguments for the Establishment of the Problems). The treatise, which is presumably his only writing in Kalam, contains 18 theological problems that are more-or-less compatible with the 20 problems which al-Gazzali introduces in Tahafut al-Falasifa. In most of the problems, al-Abhari defends Ash’rite school against Muslim Philosophers and Mu’tazilits. In this article, on the basis of Ibn Taimiyya’s testimony, Abhari’s style of writing, and his philosophical thoughts, I prove the authenticity of his treatise. Also, I edit it through the median method according to the Raghib Pasha 1461, Majlis 1830, Mar’ashi 35/59’s manuscripts all of which presumably have been copied in 11th century A.H.