Guide for Authors


Submission Guidelines:


  1. All essays submitted for publication should be based on scholarly research representing new ideas in the fields of philosophy and Kalam. Review articles on new topics in philosophy and Kalam and book reviews are also recommended. Book reviews must include title, publisher, city of publication, and year of publication of the book.
  2. The essays should be original, have not been published in any other journal, are not under consideration by any other journal and do not infringe any existing copyright.
  3. The Editorial Board reserves the right to accept or reject the assays, to make all editorial changes as deemed necessary, and to rearrange the articles in the order which it finds appropriate.
  4. Publishing an article in this journal requires an Article Processing Charge (APC) that will be billed to the submitting author in two sections: one following submitting which is 2000000 Rls. (5 USD Dollars) and the other following acceptance which is 4000000 Rls. (10 USD Dollars). Apart from these two, there are no other fees.
  5. Submissions should not exceed 7500 words and must include title, introduction, literature review, essay body, conclusion, references, two abstracts (preferably less than 170 words each, in Farsi and English), and two lists of keywords (in Farsi and English).
  6. The accepted file format is Microsoft Word 2010, with single line spacing and font size of 12. All submissions are made online at the journal website:
  7. The list of references at the end of article should appear in alphabetical order and follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) style as follows:
    1. To quote: give the author's surname, date of publication and page number in parenthesis, right after the quotation. In case the author you are quoting from has more than one publication in the year you are referring to, distinguish them by writing a, b, c, etc. after the date.
    2. In case of books: author's surname, first name, title in italics, translator's name, place of publication, publisher name, date of publication.
    3. In case of articles: author's surname, first name, title, journal name in italics, date of publication, issue no., vol. no., page no.
    4. In case of Internet sources: author's surname, first name, date of article, article title, journal title, vol.(issue), pages, date information retrieved, from URL.