About Journal

Journal Title: Philosophy and Kalam

Publisher: University of Tehran

Collaborating Organization: Iranian Society for the Philosophy of Religion

Electronic ISSN: 2588-5014

Print ISSN: 2008-9422

Language of the Journal: Persian

Publication Frequency: Biannual

Country/City of Publication: Iran / Tehran

Journal Start Date: Fall 2009

Journal Subject Area: Various branches of Islamic philosophy, Islamic theology, philosophy of religion, and analytical philosophy

Open Access Policy: The journal provides free and unrestricted access to all articles for everyone for legal and non-commercial purposes, including reading, downloading, copying, printing, searching and linking to the full text with the condition of proper attribution to the author and the journal. The journal is licensed under Creative Commons as CC-BY-NC

Copyright and Publishing Rights Policy: The authors of the articles published in the journal retain copyright and grant the journal right of first publication licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-NC. The authors retain full publishing rights without restrictions.

For further information on the rules and ethical guidelines for journal publications, you can visit the Commitee on Publication Ethics (COPE) website.

Archive Policy: Since the stablishment of the Journal, it has stored all its articles in the Journal's internal archive, making them accessable to everyone. the Journal long term policy is to protect the content.

Article Publication Fee: According to the decision of the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, if a submitted article receives initial approval, a fee of 2,000,000 Iranian Rials is charged for the evaluation process. Upon final acceptance, an additional fee of 4,000,000 Iranian Rials is charged for editing and formatting. It's worth noting that if an article is rejected by the reviewers, the initial fee of 2,000,000 Iranian Rials is non-refundable.

Acceptance Rate: 20% in 1401 (Persian calendar year)

The average time for peer review and publication of the article: The average time from the initial submission of the article to reviewer evaluation and revisions by the authors is 16 weeks (4 months), and it takes up to 24 weeks (6 months) until the publication of the article.

Article Format: PDF

Citation Style: APA

Academic Ranking: Scientific

(The "Philosophy and Islamic Theology" journal was declared a scientific-research journal by the Commission for Review of Scientific Journals of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology in Announcement No. 3/11/1741 dated January 17, 2010. In its current status, this journal is recognized as a "scientific journal" in accordance with the Regulations for Scientific Journals of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, issued on April 21, 2019, with the registration number 25685/11 dated April 22, 2020.)

Previous Journal Title: "Articles and Reviews" (The journal was previously titled "Articles and Reviews" until Fall 2009 when it was rebranded as "Philosophy and Kalam" to align with its specialized focus.)

Evaluation Ranking in the Latest National Commission for Scientific Journals Ranking: "A" ranking in the 2022 evaluation

Similarity Check and Plagiarism Detection Software at the Evaluation Stage: Samim Noor

Number of Reviewers per Article: At least two independent reviewers, and in some cases, three (Reviewers for each article are selected from experts in the field related to the article's subject.)

Peer Review Type: "Double-Blind Peer Review" (The identity of the author of the article and the reviewers is not disclosed to either party.)

Contact details: jitp@ut.ac.ir, Ms. Azar Aghamirza (Journal Staff)