The Dependence of Denotation on Volition in Avicenna and Khajih nassir Tousi's View’s

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty/Ferdowsi University


Some logicians as Avicenna, Khaja Nasir al-Din Tusi, and Dabiran Katebi believe that denotation (dilala) is dependent on volition (irada), and as long as there is no volition, there is no denotation. Some others like Qutb al-Din Razi completely reject this idea and maintain that denotation merely depends on “knowledge of designation” (al-ilm bi al-wad’). Some of Methodologicians of jurisprudence have presented a new interpretation of Avicenna and Khaja Nasir al-Din Tusi’s views. This article tires to check these views and shows that Qutb al-Din Razi’s view is right.