Samarqndi on Mixed Syllogisms Composed of Ḥaqīqī and Khārijī Propositions

Document Type : Research Paper


Iranian Institute of Philosophy


The division of the categorical propositions into the khārijī, ḥaqīqī and dhihnī (strict, external, and mental) is one of the most important novelties in Arabic logic. Although the conversion and the contraposition of these propositions are discussed intensively by Muslim logicians, the mixed syllogisms composed of khārijī, ḥaqīqī and dhihnī propositions have been considered by no logician but Shams al-Dīn Samarqandī who was the first and the last one we know to have investigated the mixed syllogism for the four figures in his books Qisṭās al-afkār and Sharḥ al-Qisṭās. Unfortunately, it seems that his results for the syllogisms lack sufficient precision; and perhaps this point, or the over-difficulty of the subject, has prevented the subsequent logicians to receive Samarqandī’s discussion and continue his novelties in this regard.



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