The Challenges of Quantum Physics to the Cosmological Argument

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion, University of Tehran

2 Master Student of Philosophy of Religion, University of Tehran


In the early twentieth century, along with the course of the new developments in physics, a paradigm, called quantum physics, was introduced, one principle of which is the principle of uncertainty. Its significance is in that some of its interpretations will lead to the denial of the philosophical principle of causality, and, subsequently, the challenges to the Cosmological Arguments for the existence of God, which are based on the principle of causality. In this article, although we benefit from the bases of empirical sciences, our method of studying is a philosophical one. Our claim is that we can provide a concept of quantum physics that is consistent with the principle of causality. As a result of quantum physics, uncertainty would not be a challenge for cosmological argument. Though, from different perspectives, the philosophical critique of the principle of causality has yet to be addressed.


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