Analysis of Narrative Discourse in Suhrawardi's Treatise on Red Reason; A Basis for Modeling Narrative Theology in Islamic Tradition

Document Type : Research Paper


PhD of Kalam and Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran,


Narrative, as one of the main discourses of linguistics in the contemporary world, has been introduced to the realm of philosophy and theology too. The tradition of Christian theology has tried to highlight the significance of narrative in its re-reading the Holy Book. This re-reading has its roots in the universality of narrative in all aspects of life. Through this re-reading, believers share an experience with Jesus to reach an objective understanding of theses doctrines. This article aims to briefly describe narrative theology to show that Muslim philosophers, such as Suhrawardi, also applied it in their works. He, in his essays, such as The Red Intellect, tries to link traditions of Iran with Islamic elements. Having shown his agreement with authority of narrative in his prose works, he prepares his audiences for coexistence experiences, during which he could turn theoretical understanding to concrete manifestation of Islamic doctrine.


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