The William Leonard Rowe's Evolution of Views on Gratuitous Evil and Its Critical Remarks

Document Type : Research Paper


1 M. A. in Philosophy of religion, Allameh Tabataba'i University

2 Associate Professor, University of Tehran


The contemporary philosopher of religion, William Leonard Rowe (1931-   ), with emphasis on gratuitous evil, has tried to show a new version of an evidential argument from evil against God. In this article we, first, try to show a detailed description and documentation of Rowe’s views and, then, have some critical remarks on it. In describing his views, we try to reveal properly the evolution of Rowe’s ideas, according to his critics’ views and his thought reformations. We have shown that the Rowe’s efforts to conclude the existence of actual gratuitous evils from the existence of the some seemingly gratuitous ones is not correct, and that not to find the justification for some evils does not imply that they do not have any plausible justification at all.


Main Subjects

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