Analysis of Man Family Life in Practical Wisdom with an Emphasis on Avicenna's Views

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor in Islamic Philosophy at University of Tehran

2 PhD.C. in Philosophy of Ethics at University of Qom


A characteristic of modern-time is incorporation of man family life in his individual and social identity, one of the consequences of which is evaluation of family rights with criteria provided in the Civil Code. While Islamic philosophers believe that family has an eminent position, and, to manage it, these philosophers suggest principles which are exclusively applied to family and are different from those governing man individual and social life, applying these principles in a tactful manner is a wise condition required by individual perfection and social equilibrium. It seems that a true understanding of the position of family in its combined-form and recognizing its rights and responsibilities are more important than addressing the members of family independent of this combined-form. This article addresses the role of this important aspect of man life with greater emphasis on Avicenna's ideas.