The Concept and Extension of the World of Zar (Pre-existence) from the View Point of Mulla Sadra and Allameh Tabatabaei



This essay is about Mulla Sadra and Allameh Tabatabaei’s views on the concept and extension of the “world of zar (pre-existence)” (the pervading meaning of verse 172, Al-Araf, Holly Quran). In this research, based on Sadra and Tabatabaei’s basic thoughts and by using the descriptive and analytic method the following results have been achieved:
1. The existence of the world of zar is proved by Sadra and Tabatabaei’s transcendental wisdom; but, the extension of this concept is divine knowledge or the world of intelligence in Sadra’s philosophical thought and spiritual world (Malakout) in Tabatabaei’s.
2. Tabatabaei and Mulla Sadra both believe that human beings have two stages of life: the first stage is before the corporeal world and the other is after this world. In views of Tabatabaei, the stages of human being’s life are in full agreement with the grades of universe: the human being is passing the three stages of his life in the three following stations of the world: intelligence world, spiritual world and finally the corporeal world, to obtain all of his maturities according to his abilities.