An Investigation of ‘Verity-Propositions’ (qadaya haqiqiyyah) of Islamic Logicians and Law-like Statements as Presented by Nelson Goodman



The purpose of this article is to present a comparative study of the views of Islamic logicians on ‘verity-propositions’ and Nelson Goodman’s ideas on law-like statements. In order to achieve this, first we describe the analyses of Islamic logician of the meaning of factual proposition and Goodman`s presentation of law-like statements. Then, using a comparative approach, we explain the points of agreement and divergence of these two viewpoints. In this way it will be shown that despite a number of foundational differences, there are many similarities, the systematic investigation of which would have great scholarly importance. These similarities include: universality and possibility of being generalized, the strengthening and confirmation of counterfactual conditionals, and the capacity to give scientific explanation and prediction. As opposed to these similarities, law-like statements are derived from induction while verity-propositions are not so derived.