The Research and Critique of Abu `al-Barakat al-Baghdadi`s View on the Quality of Emergence of Multitudinous from Unit



Abu `al-Barakat al-Baghdadi, before explanation of his selected view about the problem of the quality of emergence of multitudinous from unit, expresses the theory of Peripatetic philosophers with a historical outlook. He then critics the viewpoint of peripatetic philosophers and finally explains his view in the course of four descriptions. The following points are proposed when criticized his views: He has a historical fault when criticizing Peripatetic point of view. There are similarities and dissimilarities between his view and some of theologians’ one. Abu `al-Barakat doesn`t have perfect mastery over Farabi`s and Avicenna`s views, even is unstable in expressing his theory. In his point of view, the relationships between the existences in different worlds aren`t expressed exactly. Abu `l-Barakat is inattentive toward Ptolemaic astronomy, and his critic is not correct about the theory of peripatetic philosophers.